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Most colleges & universities have a big, coffee table viewbook they send to students. NEBRASKA doesn't. We decided to send them something they'd actually look at.

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Mail Students Actually Want to Look At

Even though digital media is king with teens, they'll still interact with a print item if it shows up in their mailbox. But they won't interact with it very long. While most college send enormous viewbooks (which end up acting as paperweights, if anything), NEBRASKA sends two magazines with huge photos and quick stories.

The first issue acts an introduction to NEBRASKA. Although it's 32 pages long, there's only body copy on 7 pages. Huge, fashion-inspired photos take up most of the space, with gorgeous hand lettering (courtesy Art Director Jarad Henitzelman) echoing lines from our main national commercial. The beauty of this layout is that even if someone only briefly flips through the publication, they still get an idea of the message and attitude we're trying to convey.

The second issue weaves together inspiring stories from two current students and two alumni. Again, most of the magazine space is taken up by photos and inspirational messages. Each profile is written to convey a relatable point to where a student is at.

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