The best web content in the world doesn't matter if it's not displayed within an aesthetic and UI that make sense for users. So we cut over 150 pages from our site and focused on creating dynamic in-page experiences.

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Building a Site that Feels Like an App

The web of pages is quickly being replaced by a web full of cards—because cards are the design pattern for mobile devices. To make our site feel more like an app, we focused on interactions that would keep users on the page rather than take them down a never-ending path of breadcrumbs.

In total, we reduced the number of pages from over 400 to about 30 and drastically improved a user's aesthetic experience. This is huge, especially for mobile users, of which we have over 50% more YoY (the site is fully responsive, but the fullscreen screenshots are just easier to demonstrate, and dare I say, a bit sexier). Since launching, we've increased traffic 51% and our daily active user rate has doubled.

There's also a share more fun content on the an Instagram feed, Tumblr features, and a "Keep College Weird Section."


  1. Since websites change all the time, I've included screenshots below to help illustrate what the project looked like during my involvement with it. At your own risk, click to visit the UNL Admissions website for a live version.
  2. As the "Project Details" section clearly states, my role in our web project was creative direction. I was honored to lead a team of really talented copywriters, designers, and developers to pull it off. You can see my team members here.

Why UNL page, complete with social grid from Instagram.

Majors UI Step 1

Info about majors offered in cards with filter action—these used to be separate pages.

Majors UI Step 2

All of the interaction with majors is on one page, so you can quickly switch between content.


Making a statement about value and just giving that photo some room to breathe.

Scholarships UI Step 1

Scholarship UI in cards with filter action. Each card used to be a separate page. Yucko.

Scholarships UI Step 2

Users can find out how to apply for each scholarship, including eligibility requirements right on the page.

Scholarship Estimator

Handy-dandy scholarship estimator action, too.

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