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Forget the typical, student studying in front of slightly blurred campus icon with a diverse group of friends trope—these print materials have some attitude and message.

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Giving Print Some Personality & Attitude

A big part of marketing a college is keeping up with print communication. Sure, we're doing more than ever on the web, through social, and other new media, but print still works... provided it's good.

In developing the creative direction for print, I established a few important goals:

  • Great, full-bleed, fashion-inspired photography
  • Strong conceptual link between copy and photography
  • Headlines reflective of other campaigns
  • Hand-drawn copy to give the pieces a distinct look in the market and a more personal feel
  • Hand-drawn illustrations when we don't include photos (no gross digital stuff)

See samples below.


I provided the creative direction for the pieces below, and took a few of the photos, but the design and hand-drawn elements are courtesy of my very talented Art Director Jarad Heintzelman and a former designer Hannah Woollen.

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