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Most people from out of state think Nebraska is the epitome of boring. Not good for convincing students to enroll there. To help UNL fix its unhip image, we made the Chancellor do all sorts of crazy things.

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Project Details


Social campaign for brand awareness and prospective student engagement


Creative Director • Video Director • Cinematographer

Media & Distribution

Twitter • Facebook • Campaign Microsite • Targeted Email

Making the Chancellor Cool...

Despite the age gap between the Chancellor and students, Harvey Perlman is probably the coolest University leader on the planet. At least according to Sports Illustrated.

To build on the Chancellor's successful Twitter footprint, our creative team decided to show who was giving the 71 year-old Chancellor social media advice.

So, day by day we revealed the Chancellor's Social Squadron Team Alpha+.

Day One was pretty big...

Once Warren Buffett told the Chancellor and the rest of the Internet to tweet about cats, it was all over. Media outlets from the U.S. and abroad picked up the campaign—including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Marketplace Money...and the ones we actually cared about: Buzfeed and Mashable.

As a personal moment of pride, the Omaha World-Herald said that the Chancellor was "making less sense than ever."

In addition to The Oracle, we also launched The Insider on day one...none other than Twitter co-founder (and Nebraska native) Ev Williams himself.

To extend the reach of the campaign, we created a landing page where people could request their own Social Squadron Team Alpha+ codename.

So Many Shares

In the end, thousands of prospective students shared their team names.

A Final Touch

To cap off the campaign, we found our most loyal users and sent them a little something special. #YOLO.

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