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Sometimes students think scholarships are out of their reach, so we wanted to show them that relatable, weird people, just like them qualified.

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Relate Fast: Hold Up a Mirror

Many students from out of state qualify for pretty amazing scholarships at NEBRASKA. The problem is, most students think they have to be super brainiacs to qualify, and don't even bother investigating. Since money is a huge issue in considering college, we really needed to find a way to get students to at least check their eligibility with our online scholarship estimator.

To relate to students, we showed three scenes filmed with in a familiar meme-style spy video perspective. The heroes in these spots are weird, but the scenarios were something most students would have witnessed either in person or on YouTube. Copy told the students our relatable heroes qualified for scholarships and directed them to the online estimator. The point: these weirdos got scholarships, so why couldn't you?

Since videos ads auto-play on Facebook without sound, we used large copy overlays rather than a voiceover. We also chose to finish these in a 1:1 (rather than the typical 16:9) so they would take up more screen real estate in the Facebook app (most people scroll through their newsfeed in portrait).

See the spots below.

I would also be remiss if I didn't offer special thanks to my co-director and cinematographer Amanda Christi for all the work on these spots.



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