Make a real connection.

I'm Andrew, and use ads to tell stories that make people laugh or cry or just sit back and say, "I don't know what that was, but I loved it."

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About Andrew

I currently serve as director of marketing & comms at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. I lead a talented group of creative pros (from print to digital) to enroll more students.

I translate our brand into simple ideas and relevant experiences for prospective students. My job is to understand what they find funny, what scares the crap out of them—what they need—and give it to them.

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If Thoughts Were Lasers

The Work Comes First

Yeah, Wieden said it: “things work best when everyone—client and agency alike—are focused on whether or not this is great damn work.”

People are Humans

...and humans have feelings, and fears, and hormonal desires they want deeply to be met. Our job is to put a finger on just the right spot and push.

Work that Works

Great work is magical, but what goes into making it isn't hocus pocus: flawless strategy; a singularly focused big idea; perfect execution. Done.