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In-Person Intro Video

Intro videos for events are typically terrible, so we endeavored to make one that people would actually want to keep watching.

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Welcome to Campus Video


Creative Director • Conceptual Development • Video Co-Director

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In-Person Presentation

Making an Event Intro Video Not Suck

At some point everyone in this industry has been asked to do a branded sales collateral video, so you know what it feels like to have a tiny piece of you die.

For this project, we were asked to welcome visiting prospective students to campus and fill them in about what they could expect during their during the event.

I believe that every touchpoint—from the big national spot to a video like this—is an opportunity to express something about the brand you're working for. So beyond simply communicating the required details about visit schedules and how dining halls work, this video was our chance to show our quirky brand personality. The result was a fun video I could feel good about and prospective students loved.

See the video below.

I would also be remiss if I didn't offer special thanks to my co-director and cinematographer Amanda Christi for all the work on these spots.

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